Exhibit Profiles

BioFuel : CDM Infrastructure, Development, Carbon Emission Reduction

Biogas : Solution Providers for Agro Industry, Biogas Digesters, Turbines, Blower, Storage, Gas Engines and Gas Cleaning Equipment

Biomass : Combustion and Gasification, Turbines, Engines, Heat Exchangers, Generators and Gas Cleaning Equipment.

Smart Grid : Electronics and Embedded Systems, System Control, Automation, Information and Communication

Solar PV : Manufacturers of Modules and Inverters, PV Cells, Batteries and Electronic Meters

Solar Thermal : Storage Tank and Solar Collector, Piping, Solar Heat, Solar Water Heater, Application and System and Heat Exchangers

Waste to Energy (as a solution) : Combustion, Boilers, Turbines, Engines, Heat Exchangers, Gas Cleaning Equipment and Incinerators

Wind and Hydropower : Manufacturers of Power Business and Utilities, SPP and VSPP, Wind and Hydropower, Turbines, Electronic Controller as well as Construction and Commissioning Energy Efficient Appliances, Measurement and Control

Transportation and Alternative Fuels : Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicles, Novel Hybrid Vehicles, Novel Battery Development, Charging Systems, Ethanol and Bio-diesel, Fuel Pricing, Tax Incentives, Low Carbon Transport for Transportation, Logistic Management